I'm a thirty-something mum of two (mostly) delicious daughters. I got a sewing machine for my 21st - it pretty much went into retirement straight away whilst I finished uni and did twenties stuff. Mum has always sewn and we just inherited some gorgeous hand-sewn dolls clothes my great grandma made. My Nanna is the queen of the knitted bedsocks and knocks out the odd tapestry and Aunty Gwen had a hobbytex collection that was the biggest I ever saw!!

These days my sister and I are trying to learn the art of pickled onions from mum and nanna. Nik, Tash & I try to catch up to make our own cards and pull off CWA type activity - last year we took 7 kids and two grandparents raspberry picking. We cooked up KILOS of raspberries to make christmas jam, then followed up this year with a few versions of tomato relish....mmmmm

mobblegobble is where the sewing comes in. It allows me to combine my passions for recycling and sewing to create unique and individual dress ups for kids. Check out my etsy store on - also keep an eye out here for upcoming designs.

So many crafty, clever people out there - it's easy to be inspired. You just need to make the time - that gets easier too when you thinking about the reward of eating, wearing or using handmade or homemade goods. Go on - give it a go.


I used to really like going out. I still like doing that but these days I spend much more time hanging out with my gorgeous family. When I can I sew, cook, eat, chat and avoid doing the housework. I don't think starting a blog is going to give me any more time to do that stuff but might just provide a bit more inspiration...