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October 28, 2007



concert was inxs and f.a.b at adelaide showgrounds, first cassette blondie parallel lines (yeah i was cool even when i was 5)
thanks a bunch for last night, we got a heap more done today and by this time tomorrow it will all be good! cheers and have a good week


Hi Cathy, it was great to catch up with you on Saturday! I've been dreaming of bowls of lollies ever since.

Umm, first band I saw was the Wreckery, I can't remember which pub in Melbourne it was. First concert was in 1989 something at the Melb Showgrounds with Nick Cave. Yay! As I lived near Ballarat, the only "big name" people we had playing during my teenage years were people like Uncanny X-Men and Chantoozies. ugh.

First record, I bought "The Beatles Ballads" when I was about 10. I loved the Beatles, I got to know their music from that dodgy Beatles cartoon that used to be on telly. My parents weren't into them at all...Dad liked the Seekers and Buddy Holly and Mum liked Doris Day.

Further to Justine's comment, my brother had all the Blondie records!
I remember buying a bubble gum copy of Parallel Lines from the milk bar...remember those little bubble gum records.
['Sunday Girl' was my favourite song off that album by the way.]

blabber blabber blabber
steph :)


I wonder if justine's inxs concert was the same one I wasn't allowed to catch the bus from mildura too..... Bah Humbug!!

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